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Once upon a time, she had something.

Born and raised in Macalania Forest, Zhiere was destiend to be something good in life. Her cyan eyes promised good fortune and her orange hair blazed like fire in contrast with the glow of the forest. It was decided that she was to be a summoner. As soon as she had become of age, she was sent to Macalania temple to recieve the Aeon Shiva. And thus her pilgrimage had begun.

Ecstatic with the thought of seeing the world, no one had imformed her that once the monster Sin was defeated, she would lose her life to the final Aeon upon summoning.

Before arriving in Bevelle, the word had slipped that her life would end, her hard labor worth nothing. Hurt, afraid, and suddenly cold, she lashed out at her gaurdians, accusing them of dishonesty. Before she recieved her final Aeon in Bevelle, she announced that she resigned her title as a summoner and caught a boat back to Kilika. The praise and admiration that had followed her since her times as a young one halted, replaced with scorn and dissipointment.

To this day, Zhiere lives as a traveller, still compelled to see what has not been seen. However her once cheerful attitude had been washed out, replaced with paranoia, self loathing, and a certain coldness that could freeze the earth. She took up the role of finding an alternitave way to fight since her faith in Yevon had been cast aside, leaving her defensless against fiends. Her weapons include explosives and a crossbow, along with white magic here and there. She is often seen in Kilika and near the Moonflow, however rarely in the forest she had grown up in. [[Bless you for reading this much ♥]]

Zhiere will occasionally submit entries with the tales of her travels. They will be brief, long, detailed, lacking in grammatical correction, positve, or negetive. Hence the name Tales-Of-Zhiere, she will share tidbits of her life through text posts with the title: Travel entry #.

M!A status: Zhiere is a tease for the next 2 hours
Side Stepping

The hair on the back of her neck stood up suddenly and she hastily stepped back a few steps, sheilding her eyes. The bold of white hot electricity struch where she had once stood moments ago, burning the lifeless drist to a crisp. Her skin felt as if it where crawling, tiny miniscule spiders running rampant upon the sensitive flesh. Other than the high pitched ringing in her ears, the maniacle laughter of her travel companion still fell upon her.

"You nearly got burnt! How’d you do that?! You were all, neeope, and just WHABLAM!!"

She never really stopped talking.


Why was she even aquaintinced with such a fool. “Other than that, yo, we made it! HAHAAA, we made it!”

"It would still be easier to travel by air," the redhead replied, eyes tracing the ever furious clouds for signs of another bolt. "We shouldn’t stay in one place. Quickly Blair, move towards the tower."

"Sheeesh, it’s always go-go-go, run run run, no rest just— WAHOO!" The feisty Al Bhed mechanic cartwheeled to a side, leaving the designated strike of energy the dusty foot prints in her place.

"I have my reasons.Move."

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